Piedmont is one of the richest area in Italy bovine cattle farm with a bovine population of 300,000 animals the half of which are cows.

Piedmontese breed is represented by different subbreeds depending on their place of origin, but the most famous and widespread remains the subbreed of Alba and neighbourhood that cattle breed has a small and narrow head, a broad forehead, well-developed haunch, buttock loin and rump muscles a convex hind line and supplies excellent meat.

Its skin is not very thouth being particulary wide and fine Piedmont is still bound to traditional cattle-breads and animals raised on the plain and mainly stalled thus resulting in a decisive effect on bovine hypodermosis, actually nearly unknown.

Females have a fully white mantle while with the time males mantles have got light grey gradations especially in neck's back part.

Most of skins of piedmontese breed are classified in 3 categories:

  • Square calf skins (mainly female) weight 20/26 kgs and average weight of 25 kgs tail.
  • Square fatted calf skins (mainly males) 26/40 kgs and average weight of 37,50 kgs tail.
  • Square cow skins with average weight of 28 kgs tail .

The first ones make part of a traditional piedmontese production particulary popular for the high quantity of the final tanned product.

The second ones come mainly from fully-grown males with a very fine hair: as for females, the quality of the final product is very high.

The last ones come from piedmontese cows with white mantle.


Besides the main white mantle categories, the company disposes of other coloured piedmontese skin categories:
  • Calves weighing 12/20 kg with average weight of 17,50 kg tail.

  • Calves weighing 20/26 with average weight of 24,50 kg tail: good quality square skins, particulary thick if coming from cattle raised in the mountains whilst more standardized if referred to cattle raised on the plain. They present an extremely fine grain though being sufficiently thin and particulary wide thus making them only fit for particular tanning procedures.

  • Light fatted calves weighing 26/32 kg with average weigh of 31,50 kg tail with different mantle colours ranging from light red to dark brown and black.

  • Heavy bulls weighing 40/50 kg with average weight of 48,50 kg tail most of which males, generally not steers, belonging to various traditional breeds. They are mainly characterized by their famous brown mantle, their conformity and highly valuable grain.

  • Tori pesanti con peso kg 40/50 e peso medio 48,5 kg coda che sono per la grande maggioranza maschi, generalmente non castrati nelle varie razze tradizionali e si caratterizza prevalentemente per il famoso manto marroncino con una conformit√† molto slanciata e un fiore molto pregiato.

  • Vacche con diversi manti con peso medio intorno ai 28 kg.


Ma-pell has annual production of horse and ovine goatish skins comes from the local slaughtering, but these one aren't our bottom-hide. immagine pelle immagine pelle


Ma-pell's monthly production of fat and bone is on around 770.000 kgs (770 tons).

This quantity is daily conveyed to a company authorized in the transformation and selling off that products, issuing a rigorous "control plain" monitored by the sanitary service of the area.